Effective changes in the health care institution: how we improved organizational efficiency

Industry:health care
Company size: 10-50
Timeframe: 2021, 2022

Business problem

  • Prior to the arrival of the medical director, the head of the institution wants to prepare for the organizational integration of the new leader.
  • Underutilisation of capacity.
  • A recurring difficulty in management meetings is the scheduling of objectives and prioritization of problems.
  • Things are moving slowly.


  • A new organizational structure has been instituted.
  • Roles and responsibilities in the organization have been clarified and made more visible.
  • With the management team, we prepared an action plan to solve the problem.
  • After a year, we measured progress and planned the way forward.


  • The medical director has settled in.
  • There were staff changes in senior and middle management.
  • The day-to-day running of the institution is balanced.
  • Capacity, economic efficiency have improved.
  • Success in a challenging project: more than HUF 1.5 billion increase in turnover in one year