Measurable employer brand improvement in one year? It is possible!

Industry:metal manufacturing
Company size: 500-1 000
Timeframe: 2018-2020

Business problem

  • High turnover resulted in labor shortages, product quality deterioration and increasing delivery backlogs.
  • The management of the German parent company imposed sanctions demanding immediate intervention.


  • As embedded workers, we gathered our own experience of the selection, training and on-boarding process.
  • We reported to management and suggested solutions.
  • After a series of workshops exploring the causes, an onboarding project, Leadership and Expert Academy was launched.


  • After 5 months, we managed to fill up the production staff.
  • After 8 months, quality and delivery issues were resolved.
  • After one year, the internal and external perception of the employer brand had improved measurably.
  • After two years, the parent company asked to adapt the programme for its own use.