Overcoming manufacturing challenges: how effective relocation and ramp-up was achieved

Industry: Intermediate manufacturing
Company size: 50-250
Timeframe: 2022-

Business problem

  • The relocation and ramp-up of production is progressing slowly with uncertain outcomes.
  • The manager is overworked.
  • The sudden increase in staff and production volume is causing confusion and disorganization at several points.
  • Delivery delays are significant.


  • Management functions and competencies have been reviewed.
  • Management and organizational tools have been expanded and integrated into practice.
  • On demand, on the job management development was provided.
  • We reviewed and developed the job descriptions system.
  • We started to improve efficiency.


  • Several new management jobs and management teams were created.
  • Corporate values, mission, vision and strategic and annual goals were formulated and communicated.
  • Metrics, quarterly planning and weekly monitoring were introduced.
  • Cooperation between the parent company and the Hungarian company has been strengthened.