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In both business and private life, there can be many situations where our inner compass becomes confused. Identifying where we are, then determining where we are going and how to get there, and staying on course, can become a particularly stressful task in an increasingly fast and constantly changing environment.

Personal empowerment, overcoming insecurity, defining and then implementing a change of purpose and direction require increased attention. Compass offers an effective solution for middle managers, team leaders and experts, as well as for people who want to develop themselves. Whether you are a newly appointed manager who needs help to be productive in your work, a person under a heavy performance load, or someone who is in a persistent conflict situation. The programme helps in crisis situations and contributes to the development of self-management and problem-solving skills.

The Compass programme provides personalised support to help you resolve your complex situation. You will become aware of your own resources, which you can mobilise in your work or in your private life. The methods used are selected to meet individual needs. The duration, frequency and delivery of meetings, whether face-to-face or online, are also adapted to individual needs.

If you're interested in our Compass solution and want to work with trusted and credible professionals who have guided countless business owners, executives and individuals over the past three decades, request a call back today and we'll be happy to get in touch!

Kinek szól?

  • For middle managers
  • Team leaders, experts
  • Anyone interested in personal growth

Mikor hasznos?

  • Newly appointed, beginners to their position
  • Under heavy performance pressure
  • In a sustained conflict situation
  • In a situation of change and crisis
  • To develop self-management and problem-solving skills

Várható eredmények

  • Become more self-aware of your goals, values and resources
  • See possible solutions
  • Focus on the steps of implementation
  • Become more self-confident in different areas of your life
  • Reduced inner tension


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