Adding value, continuity and stability during transition

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What are the strategies for the future of your business? Who should inherit the company? What about the employees? How can you prepare yourself mentally for the process? What methods can be used to ensure a successful transition?

Generational change is an important and often crucial process in the life of a business. It means that management positions and/or ownership shares are passed on from the older generation to the younger. Because of its importance and risks, it requires longer-term planning, carefully thought out decisions and a well-defined implementation process to ensure the value, stability and continuity of the business.

In order to prevent conflicts and to ensure that the process runs smoothly, it is worth involving a professional who can support both the transferor and the transferee generation with appropriate methods, skills and experience, from preparation, through the transition, to the completion of the transition. This is particularly important in the case of family transitions.

Our Generation // Transition solution is designed for owners and managers who want to ensure the survival, growth and value of their business through timely preparation and planned transition.

If you are concerned about generational transition and would like a reassuring way to pass the torch, please request a call back and we will be happy to contact you!

Kinek szól?

  • For business owners
  • Executives
  • Investors
  • Future leaders
  • Family members of the above

Mikor hasznos?

  • Preparing for succession in ownership
  • In the event of a change of management
  • Before the sale of a company or business
  • Before buying a company or a share in a company

Várható eredmények

  • Increase in company value
  • Continuous and stable operations
  • Conflicts can be prevented
  • Reduced risk associated with the transition
  • Business survives

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