Positioning and direction finding program for teams

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There has always been and will always be a discrepancy between the internal compasses of the team members. But how can they work together effectively and over the long term to achieve a common goal?

In a well-functioning team, everyone is aware of their own responsibilities and the leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of the team members. At least in theory. In practice, however, it is no easy task to maintain quality cooperation and performance at the same time.

Team Compass can be useful for employees involved in a process in an organisation, as well as for management teams at different levels of the corporate hierarchy. It is recommended for all companies where roles and responsibilities are changing or where a group with a common task needs to be forged into a team.

With our complex programme, based on 30 years of experience, we help you to avoid conflicts taking time and energy away from projects.

If you want a well-functioning team and knowledge that will serve you inside and outside the business world, then request a call back and we will get in touch with you shortly!

Kinek szól?

  • Employees working together in a process of an organisation
  • Management teams at different levels of the company hierarchy
  • A group of project members organised around a task

Mikor hasznos?

  • When the team starts a new activity
  • When the roles and responsibilities of team members change
  • When the team gets a new leader or changes members
  • When performance, quality and efficiency need to be improved
  • When cooperation is not good enough to achieve the desired result

Várható eredmények

  • Increase members' individual and collective awareness of teamwork
  • Increased acceptance and appreciation, increased levels of trust
  • Cooperation is more creative and constructive in achieving common goals
  • The team learns and reacts more quickly to change situations
  • The team becomes more productive


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