Operational development for medium and large enterprises

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Is the order book shrinking? Are complaints increasing? Another valuable colleague resigned? Are financial and efficiency indicators declining?

In similar situations, it is important to first look at the causes of the symptoms. There may be changes in the market or a high level of competition, or there may be problems with the company's internal processes. Perhaps management needs a new strategy or business model. Once the problem has been identified, taking the right action can help the firm get back on a growth path. To do this, it is important that management and staff work together to find creative and innovative solutions.

Our Re-org programme is not only a solution for managers of medium and large companies who are experiencing business downturns first-hand. It can also be necessary for those who are going through a period of intense growth, or who are considering launching a new product or service, or who want to transform processes and management functions.

The first phase of our complex programme involves a detailed diagnosis, followed by joint planning. We thoroughly assess and explore the reasons for past success and current stagnation. Together we identify intervention points where improvements are needed.

The implementation of the improvement project then begins.

If you feel that your company needs an organisation-wide, grounded solution, then request a call back and we will contact you!

Kinek szól?

  • Managers of medium-sized companies
  • Functional managers in large companies

Mikor hasznos?

  • In business downturns
  • In times of intense growth
  • During the launch of a new product or service
  • When restructuring processes and management functions

Várható eredmények

  • More motivated managers and staff
  • Satisfied customers
  • Improved staff retention
  • Increased profit
  • Increased efficiency


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