Organisational development programme for medium-sized enterprises

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Has the company's growth slowed or stopped? Need to move to a higher level of internal operations to seize a new business opportunity?

Indicators of growth can be sales, profits or efficiency. Whichever it is, sometimes stagnation is inevitable. Production quantity, quality, sales or economic results fall short or become more difficult to meet. Business as usual practices do not work. Frustrations mount. They do not know why they are stuck and what to do about it, only that they have hit a ceiling. There are steps to take, but you can't see where the stairs are.

SYSTEM is a proven organisational development programme developed specifically for owners, managers and key people in businesses of 70-250 people, based on three decades of professional experience. Within 2 months of our support, you can see a tangible change in engagement and collaboration.

If you want to get your business i order and organised, step by step, with professional support, then request a call back and we'll be in touch soon!

Kinek szól?

  • For owners, managers and key people in businesses with 0-250 employees

Mikor hasznos?

  • Stalled progress after years of steady growth
  • Working hard, with declining efficiency
  • Frequent finger-pointing, blame game
  • Manager is overwhelmed, looking for a solution
  • You are faced with a big opportunity, but “feels impossible"

Várható eredmények

  • More positive attitude
  • Stronger commitment
  • More rational management
  • More coherent value creation
  • Step by step order and organisation

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